Current Paintings

IMG_5725 - Version 2 Rainier  Inventing CiphersFrom Here to China Still Moving72 Out of Nowhere72 Climbing Higher72 Green I72 Green II72 Broken Line72  Knowing72 Searching72 To the Moon and Back72 Looking at the Road Ahead Never Made It to the Moon72 Roadmaps to Reason72 More Than One Way72 Between a Rock & a Hard Place72 Walk this Way72 Fractured72 The Rocky Path72 Aurora72 Brain Series II72 Brain Series I72 One Side or the Other72 Working Together72 Same Page72 The Highs and the Lows72 Seeing the Light72 Crossings72 Just the Tip Of ...  Breaking Up Fallen72 Stumbling72 Hiding Secrets Secrets Well Kept  Prudhoe Bay One Prudhoe Bay Two Prudhoe Bay Three Invasion Rocky Shores Brooks Peak In a Cloud Rising Moon  Cracked72

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